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Q. What's your background and what kind of experience do you have?
A. Future investigators who have come from a variety of backgrounds: intelligence, law enforcement, government, and information technology. All investigators are required to undergo a professional training program conducted by National Institute of Private Investigation,  which has trained many of investigators. We have built up a reputation of being able to understand a clients needs and then provide a tailor made solutions keeping in mind his financial boundaries and time frame.

Q. "I'm worried about anyone else finding out that I've employed you. Who else will you tell?"
A. Confidentiality is paramount in our work. Once you have instructed us, we will only report to you or any one else you specify, such as you legal representative. Specific ways of communicating can be arranged so that we can confirm your identity. We are under no obligation to inform any third parties of what we are doing for you and we never release information other relevant agencies.

Q. How do you charge?
A. Our charges are based on the type of operation that we have been asked to undertake. To establish the costing, we first request the details of the case to be provided, and we will calculate a budget and time-scale. Once this has been agreed, we then require a retainer based on the budget to begin the operation.

Q. How long will it take to complete my case?
A. Again, once we have the details of the operation we will be able to give you a time-scale projection. Some operations take days, some weeks and some months. It is dependent upon the complexity of the case, but our experience allows us to supply you with a realistic time-scale.

Q. "What if I'm not happy with the amount of time it will take to finish my project?"
A. We will do our best to accommodate you however we advise against rushing through an operation. Our investigators pride themselves on being able to complete thorough, error free operations and should we attempt to speed things up, then details could be missed which may be an essential part of the inquiry.

Q. How do I pay?
A. You can make payments through Cheque / Draft / Cash or Credit Cards over the phone. International payments can be made through wire transfers.

Q. How do I receive my report?
A. You may collect your report personally from our office or we can send it by regular mail, fax or e-mail. Documents that are obtained as part of a case can also be sent via the same methods. Stills photographs can be scanned and sent as e-mail or on disk if required and video footage can be sent in the usual format or CD.





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