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Criminal and Civil Investigations

We work with attorneys to investigate both civil and criminal cases thoroughly, to gather admissible facts you need to prove your cases.

We do thorough background investigations, revealing pertinent information on a subjectís personal, professional, financial and criminal past and present. We identify, locate and interview most witnesses quickly. We also conduct interviews of witnesses and record statements completely, whether written, audio, or audio-visual.

We are able to obtain and validate evidence and documents you need that are relevant to your case. Give Future Investigations a call today to learn more about our criminal and civil investigations.

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Future Investigations, provides top-notch surveillance for attorney clients. We conduct surveillances for insurance fraud, child custody and marital situations using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Future Investigations agrees that properly executed surveillances should never violate an individual's "reasonable expectation of privacy."

Surveillances on Children in Care of Adults

To the extent the law allows, we perform surveillance activities and situations of children while in the care of adults, whether it be babysitters, parents, or other adults. We work very closely with you to plan a strategy that will help you learn if children are being subjected to horrors such as child abuse or neglect, drug or alcohol abuse by adults around children, sexual practices of adults around children, sexual abuse of children and more.

Every child is precious. If you have any concerns about a child being abused, you must call Future Investigations today. We will obtain the facts - and the reassurance - you need.

Spousal Surveillance

From infidelity surveillance to assets search Future investigations will work discreetly to provide you with the details of the cheating spouseís actions. For adultery, we obtain information such as unexplained expenditures on credit cards, unfamiliar, yet repetitive phone numbers on telephone bills and covert activities of the spouse. We will identify the other party involved and photograph or videotape their activities. Other investigative services entail discovering hidden assets and other covert business/financial affairs. Call us today to learn more about our spousal surveillance services.

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Insurance Fraud

We perform surveillance on claim subjects to see if they are engaged in any activities that may prove their claim to be false. We also locate and interview witnesses, and gather and record all statements and reports. Donít allow your clients to become the next victims of insurance fraud. Call Future Investigations to get the facts, fast!

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Process Service

Future Investigations assist legal firms, collection agencies, information companies, title companies and any other firm that requires process services. We offer fast and reliable service Ė just give us a call.

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Skip Traces

For attorneys, lending institutions, insurance agencies and collection agencies, our skip trace services is better suited for your needs.

Professionals may need this service for a variety of legitimate reasons: debt collection, repossession, to locate debtors, trace heirs and beneficiaries of property/money/insurance, and more.

Call us today at 0845 8385352 for more information on our skip trace services.

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